Welcome to Pigskin Empire OOTP League

This league also enforces the following additional rules:


1) You cannot trade draft picks

2) The commish reserves the right to veto any trade deemed unfair

3) You may not trade players injured for a period of time longer than 7 days

4) You may not trade within your teams. NO EXCEPTIONS


1) For all multi-year contracts, the highest salary offered in 1 year cannot double the lowest salary offered in 1 year. This is implemented to prevent teams from "pumping" salaries. For example, if you offer a 7 year contract to a player in which the player is paid 5 million one year, the player cannot be paid more than 10 million for any other year.

2) Team options MUST include at least a 10% buyout. Violators will be fined 100k and the buyout adjusted.

3) All incentives must be deemed "reasonable". In other words, teams cannot load a player's contract with unreachable incentives. Teams cannot also offer an unreasonable amount of money for hitting such incentives.


1) The rule 5 draft will be run based on a list that you will email/PM to the commish.

2) The rule 5 draft will be THREE rounds, not 10

3) Players under the age of 22 CANNOT be selected in the rule 5 draft

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